painting on wood

Exploring Your Potential Between the Boundaries

Exploring Your Potential Between the Boundaries. In the vast realm of human existence, both individually and collectively, we encounter a complex interplay between self-imposed limitations and those imposed by society. It is within this intricate web of boundaries that our true potential lies, awaiting exploration and transcendence. Today, I want […]

The Power of Questioning

In this vast and complex world we live in, curiosity is the beacon that guides us towards a profound understanding of our surroundings. Our questions, those small punctuation marks of our minds, have the power to bring light into the fog of the unknown. They open doors to new horizons, […]

As an artist, I constantly find myself drawn to the world of abstract minimalism. The simplicity and raw emotion it evokes have always fascinated me. Recently, I embarked on a journey to create a series of two paintings on wood, named „Choice X” and „Choice Y”. These pieces represent for […]