The human will to change, to start over, to turn the page, is a fascinating phenomenon. It reflects our inherent desire for growth, progress, and self-improvement. Throughout history, individuals have demonstrated an unwavering determination to alter the course of their lives and shape their destinies. As I reflect upon this […]

WRONG SIDE OF HEAVEN - Abstract painting

Wrong Side of Heaven: pictură abstractă pe pânză Salutare tuturor! Sunt încântat să vă împărtășesc cateva ganduri despre ultima mea lucrare, „Wrong Side of Heaven”, o pictură abstractă pe pânză pe care am creat-o anul acesta folosind o combinație de culori acrilice, cum ar fi alb, negru și galben sienna. […]

Are you considering hanging an abstract painting in your living room? Here are 6 Tips for Hanging an Abstract Painting in Your Living Room

As an artist, I constantly find myself drawn to the world of abstract minimalism. The simplicity and raw emotion it evokes have always fascinated me. Recently, I embarked on a journey to create a series of two paintings on wood, named „Choice X” and „Choice Y”. These pieces represent for […]