Shape Project – beyond the boundaries

White Shadow

I like to create things, to start new art projects as it is the Shape Project – beyond the boundaries. I like this very much and it does not matter the form, the value or the meaning. It does not matter if these things are considered art or simple objects. To create, for me it is as if I have an superpower with which I can stop the time. Then everything is possible, the rules disappear and so do the limits and the impossible can be transposed into my creation.

How the Shape Project started

Abstract art isn’t easy, but it’s so beautiful !

It was so easy to start this project with Trisha. The hard part came later ?. Yeah, i said easy because Trisha and I are two artists who are exploring and experimenting a lot on the abstract side. I will tell you more about Trisha in the lines below. Till then, let me introduce you inside our Shape Project .

The idea: „let’s draw two shapes and exchange them between us, then create something based on the received drawing, the shape.” I drew a completely random, meaningless shape, a little complicated to integrate into Trisha’s painting style. And she drew a balloon, just as complicated to integrate into my style, with straight lines. She knew how to

As I said, it was simple at first. But later I felt out of my comfort zone. When I realized it was more complicated than I thought, I was determined to do something special. To keep the balloon shape, even to go to a 3D structure and at the same time keep my abstract style, with straight line.

After killing half of the neurons, I set to work, „I knew what I had to do.” ? .

• Wooden panel
• Wooden perches
• Special glue
• Gesso
• Acrylic paint

Grinding wooden sticks and my fingers too ? . The artist’s sacrifice for the love of art.

White Shadow Shape Project beyond the boundaries

One day, when we talk about the project, Trisha told me that it would be interesting to count the number of pieces of wood I use. Because I liked the idea and I considered i can do more than that, I decided to measure each piece of wood. ? I stopped this activity after it reached 154 pieces, with a total length of 1886 cm. ?

In the end I think I used about 200 pieces of wood, with a total length of about 2000 cm

Studying angles. Pythagoras must be very jealous.

How the Shape Project – beyond the boundaries goes in time?

The creation process took several months. It was a slow process. I can’t explain if it was long because I liked working on this project and I didn’t want to finish it too quickly or because I had some doubts about what the final shape will be. I changed my mind so many times. But, challenging my creative part was that thing that brings me happiness and much more desire to explore the universe of art and explore my imagination.

Meanwhile I decided to call it „White Shadow„. I think this name fully reflects what I wanted to achieve from some pieces of wood and white acrylic paint on a wooden board of 60 x 80 cm.

White Shadow – wall abstract art – part of Shape Project – beyond the boundaries

Great experience, wonderful collaboration (thanks Trisha). A process full of emotions, exceeded limits, a deep dialogue with my imagination. The rest is a story that I leave you to discover in the pictures below:

You can also follow our project on social media:

About my collaborator, one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met:

Trisha Dullu – the artist of endless journey

Trisha is a self-taught visual artist, carving her niche tirelessly through the years with arduous experiments, enriching experiences, in-depth research and most importantly failures. This journey has also included self-study along with studying the works of her favorite artists. While this journey has been a very fulfilling and satisfying one so far, yet the unquenching thirst to learn and create more, has been her constant guiding light. She genuinely feels like a constant work-in-progress.She has thoroughly loved and enjoyed every step of her journey so far and is eagerly looking forward to many more years of expressing herself through her Art.

“Experimentation has been the doorway to my success.”

Trisha’s forte is impressionist acrylic art focusing mainly on abstracts and land/seascapes paintings. She also loves to dabble in mixed media art techniques to bring about a variety in her work and seek out newer techniques and mediums. But, let me share with you few of her absolutely stunning artworks:

Once Upon A Time – mixed media abstract – part of Shape Project – beyond the boundaries

[…]My painting tells a story of a time as it was. The time that stands still now narrating a beautiful story of yesteryears through an object which could have been someone’s most prized possession but now forgotten in this dilapidated room.

There are so many things I feel inspired by and want to capture in the folds of my canvas. This painting has many such elements like texture walls, distressed vintage furniture, monochrome setup and dragonfly. I decided to use a lot of structure paste to create different textures in different section of my work. I have used acrylic paints, ink (my new love), charcoal and mixed media. […] Read more

You can find Trisha on social media network too:

I hope and i believe that I will come back soon with an update about our works, with information about possible exhibitions in galleries or maybe even private collections. Until then, we are waiting for you with a message in the comments section, tell us your opinion, ask and we will be happy to answer. Or if it’s more convenient for you, see you on social media.

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