Abstract paintings

Abstract paintings

Abstract paintings for our home.

A house turns into what we can call “home” only when our personal imprint can be seen in the interior design. The chosen paintings can highlight a certain room, highlight certain colors and induce a certain state in the viewer.

Among the most used decorative elements of a modern home are paintings and sculptures. The walls do not have to be completely decorated, but more attention is needed on the most pleasant aesthetics.

About the abstract paintings made by Ghortin.

The paintings I paint on cotton canvas or wood are generally abstract paintings, made in acrylic colors with various relief elements. The relief elements are made from mediums specially created for artists who want to create such textures. Besides these mediums, I also use textiles, wood, metal or ceramics. The paintings are protected with 3 layers of matte varnish, against UV rays, offering a very high resistance over time.

The paintings are signed on the back and come with a certificate of authenticity that can be personalized with a special message.