This is awesome! Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha

Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha

I started to enjoy more and with greater appetite the simple things that happen to me. Maybe it took me a long time to learn this, or I just could before, I just didn’t feel it like I do now. The simple things for me are the most important. Simple, natural things that come and happen just make me so happy. That’s what happened with this interview done by Ishika. It simply happened. It’s a short interview, but one that encompasses so much of me. These are not pretentious, academic words, but they are true. They are about me and what I do, what I want.

Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha

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Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha

[ Doru Coroiu is a talented visual artist based in Romania. His works are brilliant in conception and easily recognisable for the use of exceptional colours. Looking at his stunning abstracts you can easily embrace the whole idea of our art being all about this special doorway to access those aspects of our own innerselves; love his palettes and textures oh-so much! 

Each of his abstracts bring out that multidimensional form of colourful thoughts and ideas very successfully. So, I could not help asking Doru about his art journey and about his life surrounding these powerful works of art. Doru wrote back to me, he wrote how his artworks encompass his experimental ideas where he plays with wood, acrylics or even different industrial materials as his mediums! His recent passion for clay pottery and applied arts also came up through our art talk.

Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha

The first question from the interview “Why art?”:

My first question to Doru was, “Why Art?”, Doru replied, “The passion for photography, painting, drawing and sculpting came from my parents, who also practised art in their own ways. As a child, I had the opportunity to hold a brush, a sculpture chisel, a charcoal pencil and a camera… thus began my passionate and interesting journey into the world of Art. Over time, I have realized that there is no better expression than Art for me… so whether it is drawing, painting, photography, sculpting or even writing poems, I feel most comfortable drawing out my emotions through these mediums. With time, I have gradually sharpened my skills and developed this hobby with great care until one day it became a full-time profession for me.

I have been doing event and macro photography for over 10 years now. The process of capturing people’s emotions on their special days and defining them through finer details ignites an undeniable spark in me. This passion for photography still grows deep in me every day.

Art was a natural progression from photography for me, expedited with the pandemic of course. I started painting in 2020 when I was relatively free. Initially I painted without any expectations. I painted because I wanted to just paint. Gradually, I realised Art helped me voice out my opinions and philosophies of life. They have now become the vehicle for my thoughts. I continue to learn and develop as a person who loves art.” Doru’s art journey is absolutely incredible as it shows how versatile he is with his art styles and processes!

Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha
| abstract painting on wood |

The second question of the interview: “What are the difficulties you encounter as an artist?”

And then the second question, “What are the struggles you face as an artist?”, Doru’s response was, “I make Art & render photography services so that I can support my family financially and it is normal to encounter difficulties while starting and marketing a business like this. However, I feel the will to create is such a powerful tool that it lights up our way making the struggles we face as Artists less discouraging. I am an optimist and I believe that through my way of thinking and will, there is nothing that I can’t overcome. What is harder to overcome is the fear of failure…the fear that what you create is not appreciated and fear of “competition”. A strong mind and a positive outlook are very important to overcome this.”I can so relate to you Doru! You are absolutely right, yes, being positive and keep yourself surrounded by like-minded people are very important to grow as a better human being and also as an artist! Couldn’t agree more with you there!

The last question of the interview: “What is your most important dream”?

And then my last question, “What is your ultimate dream?”…Doru replied, “I really want to see young people in Romania and beyond, embracing art progressively. I believe that art, in whatever form it takes, can help in the mental development of children, young people and ultimately all people. It is a great way for character building and developing a profound vision of life and family.I do not dream of green horses on the walls, although these dreams are very beautiful. I am a balanced person and I automatically try to find a middle way where I can dream of a beautiful future but at the same time I can very clearly analyze the alternatives and make the best decisions. The motto of my business is: “Listen to your imagination”. And that’s what I do every day.”

And yes, it really was beautiful!

.…What a beautiful journey, what an inspiring story and what an amazing motto you have there Doru! Listening to our heart and being truthful to our art can be so liberating, can be so powerful literally- as an artist! I wish you all the very best with your abstract journey and thank you ever so much for being here with my blog today. And for my readers, if you want to see more of Doru’s magnificent abstracts in their full glory, please do visit his website . Doru is also on Instagram and Twitter with @ghortin_com, please don’t forget to show him some love there! Until next time, have a fabulous week everyone; let’s colour up our days with more dreams, let’s have more fun painting! ]

Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha

Ishika Guha is also a very talented artist based in London, originally from Bangladesh. She finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her and it shows in her extraordinary works. It is a pear

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