Exploring Abstract Minimalism: „Choice X” and „Choice Y”

As an artist, I constantly find myself drawn to the world of abstract minimalism. The simplicity and raw emotion it evokes have always fascinated me. Recently, I embarked on a journey to create a series of two paintings on wood, named „Choice X” and „Choice Y”. These pieces represent for me a harmonious balance between form and texture, where I could experimented with modeling paste to create reliefs. Let me take you on a visual journey through these thought-provoking artworks.

„Choice X”

Exploring Abstract Minimalism: "Choice X"
Choice X

The first painting, „Choice X,” captivates with its understated elegance. A monochromatic palette of gray, beige, white, and black dominates the composition, drawing the viewer into a world of serene contemplation. The textured relief, created with modeling paste, adds depth and dimension to the artwork. However, it is the little red rectangle that steals the show, subtly disrupting the grayscale harmony. It symbolizes the power of choice and the impact it can have on our lives. Through this small but striking element, „Choice X” invites viewers to reflect upon their own decisions and their consequences.

„Choice Y”

Exploring Abstract Minimalism: "Choice Y"
Choice Y

As does „Choice X”, „Choice Y” embraces a warm and inviting ambiance. The color palette remains soft and muted, predominantly consisting of gray, beige, white, and black. A delightful surprise awaits the observer in the form of a little yellow rectangle nestled within the composition. This vibrant burst of color injects a sense of vitality into the artwork, suggesting the potential for new beginnings and embracing different paths. „Choice Y” encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones, take risks, and embrace the beauty of uncharted territories.

Abstract minimalism on wood

Both paintings measure 40×40 cm and 2 centimeters thickness . This deliberate choice emphasizes the physical presence of the artworks, allowing them to effortlessly command attention within any space. The use of wood as the canvas further adds to the organic and earthy nature of the pieces, reinforcing the connection between art and the natural world.

I believe that „Choice X” and „Choice Y” represent a harmonious blend of abstract minimalism and tactile relief artistry. Through the application of modeling paste, I was able to create textures that invite viewers to explore the artworks with their sense of touch as well as sight. The little red rectangle in „Choice X” and the little yellow rectangle in „Choice Y” act as subtle yet powerful visual cues, guiding the viewer to contemplate the importance of choices and embracing new possibilities. These paintings, with their tranquil palettes and meticulous compositions, serve as a reminder to embrace simplicity, introspection, and the beauty of the abstract.

In a world often overwhelmed by complexity, these paintings on wood provide a moment of respite, a visual oasis where we can reflect, make peace with our decisions, and embrace the path that lies ahead.

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