Exploring Your Potential Between the Boundaries

Exploring Your Potential Between the Boundaries. In the vast realm of human existence, both individually and collectively, we encounter a complex interplay between self-imposed limitations and those imposed by society. It is within this intricate web of boundaries that our true potential lies, awaiting exploration and transcendence. Today, I want […]

The human will to change, to start over, to turn the page, is a fascinating phenomenon. It reflects our inherent desire for growth, progress, and self-improvement. Throughout history, individuals have demonstrated an unwavering determination to alter the course of their lives and shape their destinies. As I reflect upon this […]

In the last 20 years, the connections between people have undergone a significant transformation compared to past times. We have entered an era where virtual connections dominate the social landscape, leaving behind face-to-face interactions. Personally, in the last period of time, I have begun to question the authenticity and depth […]

The Power of Questioning

In this vast and complex world we live in, curiosity is the beacon that guides us towards a profound understanding of our surroundings. Our questions, those small punctuation marks of our minds, have the power to bring light into the fog of the unknown. They open doors to new horizons, […]

„Wrong Side of Heaven” selected for Artmajeur’s Weekly Showcase

WRONG SIDE OF HEAVEN - Abstract painting

Wrong side of heaven: abstract painting on canvas Hello, everyone! I am excited to share with you my latest work, „Wrong Side of Heaven”, an abstract painting on canvas that I created this year using a combination of white, black, and raw sienna acrylic colors. As an artist, I take […]

Are you considering hanging an abstract painting in your living room? Here are 6 Tips for Hanging an Abstract Painting in Your Living Room

I like to create things, to start new art projects as it is the Shape Project – beyond the boundaries.

Welcome to my blog, where I invite you to delve into the world of beautifully hand-painted office accessories. In this article, we will explore how you can enhance your work environment with exquisite, handcrafted pencil holders and organizers. Designed in an abstract style, these creations are brought to life using […]

Ghortin fotograf nunta Doru Coroiu

Interview with Ghortin by Ishika Guha I started to enjoy more and with greater appetite the simple things that happen to me. Maybe it took me a long time to learn this, or I just could before, I just didn’t feel it like I do now. The simple things for […]