Hello! Welcome to my abstract world.

My name is Doru Coroiu ( Ghortin )

My artistic chronicle began with my fascination of seeing photographs “come to life” in the make-shift darkroom of our home kitchen. My father, though amature, expertly captured fond moments on his camera rolls and created explosions of pictures in his chemical tray. As a child, my mind couldn’t comprehend it all except that it was some kind of magic. Being born in a family which loves craftsmanship has it’s own advantages. I had the opportunity to hold a brush, a sculpture chisel, a charcoal pencil and a camera at a very early age. Thus began my passionate and interesting journey into the world of Art. Over time, I have realized that there is no better expression than Art for me… so whether it is drawing, painting, photography, sculpting or even writing poems, I feel most comfortable drawing out my emotions through these mediums. With time, I have gradually sharpened my skills and developed this hobby with great care and now it has become a full-time profession for me. 

Art came into my life as a breath of fresh air when the whole world was in the pandemic turmoil. At first, I painted without expectations. I painted because I wanted to just paint. Gradually, I realised that this artistry was becoming the voice in my head giving expression to my personal philosophies and what I felt about the 21st century society at large.

Simplicity “speaks” volumns. I see myself replicating this personal philosophy that I live by, in Art as well, with my current use of geometric elements with straight lines in my paintings and applied arts projects. My self-taught ways have led me to experiment and make acrylics and wood with structure paste my best ally for the moment. I find myself curiously blending interesting industrial objects with different substrates of interest. 

I leave my style to be defined for the moment as I am still exploring the myriad of possibilities of genres, mediums and styles art has to offer. However, I find comfort and inspiration in using minimalistic and industrial style to convey my thoughts. Even though my style is not yet defined, the message I want to convey is clear to me. I find this an exceptional way to break down the huge societal picture in my mind, into smaller pieces and reinterpret them in a narrative which makes the most sense to me. Why do I decide to break it? Why reinterpret? Simple, because I can.